creative maintenance

What does it mean? The best way we've found of explaining it is by imagining going up to a plant and saying "You're a nice plant but is there anything I can do to make you look even nicer?"

In most cases the answer is a resounding "Yes". Raising, thinning and shaping the crowns of trees and shrubs, removing the tired old leaves on palms and yuccas - you'll see some examples on this site. It's all to do with producing a garden of beautifully sculpted plants and a look of well groomed verdancy which is what Architectural Plants are all about anyway. 

Most of the techniques that we've developed over the last 20 odd years are borrowed from nature and if you can look at a garden that's been Creatively Maintained by us and yet it still looks completely natural - then we have succeeded.

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Cordyline australis with every brown and tatty leaf removed.

Removing the trunk hair on a Trachycarpus palm.

Properly cleaned up Phoenix palm.

Clipping a Phillyrea angustifolia ball

Bamboo cleaned up to reveal coloured stems.

Sculptural Lonicera nitida.


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